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2021-2022 Fees

Yearly Membership (Valid Oct - Oct) $150

Daily Trail User Fee - $20

Affiliate Member (Member of another BC club - must present card) Daily Trail Fee - $15

About Our Club

Mission Statement 

The mission of the Lumby Mabel Lake Snowmobile Association is to promote the sports of Snowmobiling and Snow Biking in the Lumby area for generations to come The Lumby Mabel Lake Snowmobile Association will accomplish this mission by promoting Safety, inclusiveness and accessibility for all riders in a family friendly environment which respects the small town values our club was founded upon. The Club and the members will endeavor to promote the sport to young riders and to make every effort to train, support and mentor new snowmobilers. This will ensure the next generation of riders maintain the same respect for the environment and for the community that has guided this club from the beginning. The Board of Directors will pursue partnerships with local businesses and agencies to further these goals while respecting our values and helping to ensure the long term sustainability of the club. The Lumby Mabel Lake Snowmobile Association will embrace our history and make every effort to record our history. In particular we will always remember those members who came before us and recognize all they have done for the club, for the community and for the sport.


Please view our Five Year Strategic Plan to see what we are up to and to learn more about us.

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